Business Process Outsourcing

ParSoft provides a comprehensive range of Voice/Web base Contact and Front Office services that span Collections

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ParSoft provides a wide range of consulting services, with a focus on Application Development, Testing

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ParSoft understands the critical nature of keeping your IT departments running smoothly. Whether your need is contract

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Because technologies are quickly evolving, we understand that quality training and educational classes are

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Business Process Outsourcing

ParSoft provides a comprehensive range of Voice/Web base Contact and Front Office services that span Collections, Sales & Marketing, Technology Help Desk and Customer Care. Highly trained Associates under experienced supervision and stringent quality standards deliver services that consistently meet customer expectations

The decision to outsource a function, project or department is never easy – it requires extensive planning and experience in order to reap the full functional and financial benefits, while also avoiding the common pitfalls encountered by the unprepared. Whether it's on-site, off-site or off-shore, ParSoft has the experience and track record to lead you through this strategic endeavor.

As a part of our services, we can staff and execute the full lifecycle of a project from inception through closure, including all project management functions. These projects can be bid as fixed price or T&M engagements. We can also work with you to identify opportunities to lower your cost of business operations through the use of off-shore resources, or even a lower cost technology solution. Finally, we can provide delivery of an entire function, such as support and maintenance of an existing application, thus reducing your total cost of operations.

  • Project Outsourcing The most common outsourcing initiative is typically focused on a project or product development initiative. In today's competitive business environment, development needs often arise quickly: it could be a product initiative that needs to be delivered immediately and you have simply run out of capacity. In this situation, you need a trusted partner who can deliver on-time and on-budget, with the same exceptional quality your customers expect.
  • Business Process Outsourcing A common challenge faced by successful, growing companies is keeping your team focused on the key strategic projects and activities that create value. One way to ensure that your resources are deployed on their highest and best use is to outsource the support and maintenance of existing applications. You can reduce operational costs by leveraging an off-shore team solely focused on maintaining and optimizing service delivery to support these applications. The objective is to transition the current level of effort, one for one, to a lower cost model and then to identify improvements that can further reduce the effort (and thus cost) required to support a given system or function.
  • Maintenance & Support Outsourcing When you are focused on reducing costs but maintaining and even improving the quality of delivery, consider our off-shore offerings. Our off-shore capabilities are unrivalled in application development, testing, and business intelligence – and our team is comprised of highly accomplished individuals with deep experience in off-shore execution

Regardless of the need, the opportunities for improving delivery and reducing costs within your business are limitless. ParSoft can help define the areas that provide the most opportunity in the shortest amount of time.

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